Our spices go into Barackwurst!

Love of chocolate 008

After over fifty years in business, we have acquired some pretty special customers. Some of them are extremely discriminating about their ingredients. We understand that artisanal food crafting is only at its  finest when all of its components are also. So its makes us very happy to have customers such as Stanley Feder of Simply Sausage, Inc. He makes some of the finest sausage in the world. He is also very creative, as demonstrated by the recently success of Barackwurst, the sausage he sold over a ton of, at the recent inauguration.

According to the website, “The Barackwurst combines the elements of a Chicago hot dog and a DC half smoke. It contains equal amounts of beef and pork. The beef represents the legendary Chicago stock yard. The pork could represent the image of Washington Obama plans to change. The sausage also contains equal amounts of black pepper and white pepper.  Unlike most hotdogs, we are using high-quality meat (the port is Duroc), seas salt, and the best spices available.” We happily bartered some dogs for spices. We cooked them up at a recent managers meeting and we all really liked them. Sort of like a cross between a brat and a Polish, but spicier, said Tom. Shhh, this is someone else's creation and copy! Look for our own Hyde Park seasoning, now in the home cooking test stage,  to be added to our product line soon!


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