National Herbs and Spices Day!

Imagine my surprise this morning when upon looking through tweets, I learned that today was National Herbs and Spices Day. And they say that twitter is useless, how wrong they are! If only we had known before today, we might have made this into a nice excuse to throw a Spice House party with lots of spicy tidbits and libations for our customers. We are making a note for next year. This made me track down exactly who claimed this to be NHSD. Eventually, I came upon a very interesting list called American Food and Drink Days. Much to my surprise every day of the year is some sort of food day. Some lucky days have multiple foods per day, like August 29th which is More Herbs Less Salt Day (another party op here), Whiskey Sour Day, Lemon Juice Day (which is a lovely coincidence since lemon juice goes into sour mix, which goes into Whiskey Sours), Chop Suey Day AND Swiss Winegrowers day. 

Some foods claim a whole month, which seems okay for National Barbecue month (March) but a bit overly aggressive for National Gazpacho Aficionado Month. Some foods are apparently better than a day, but not quite up to a month and thus proclaim themselves a week such as Chocolate Chip Cookie Week (second week in March) Other foods really go overboard and claim  a month and a week AND a day, hamburgers and hot dogs might be one thing but, pickled peppers, don't you think you might be just a little vein to add yourself into this trifecta category? The origin of this really intrigues me.  If anyone knows its history I would love for you to share this information. It seems like a pretty good list of cherished foods or dishes were given a celebration, but then someone decided that no day should be left behind. Crab Stuffed Flounder Day, really?  And then, once all the days were filled, no questionable food category could be replaced by a upcoming and trendy item that could now be worthy of its own day, so at best, they had to share days. Thus the international flavor of Feb 17, Indian Pudding Day, Cafe au Lait Day and National Cabbage Day. So I thought, wouldn't it be fun to do a Julie and Julia type thing and cook whatever food was honored each day of the year? Lets face it, most of these celebrated foods taste pretty good, there are plenty of desserts, cookies, candies and ice cream, peanuts, popcorn, cake, and pretty much every fruit on the list, although you would have to drink alcohol as there are plenty of beer, wine and cocktail days. Jan 1 is Boody Mary day so you would start off with a bang. Also there is NO National Liver day or offal day or pickled herring day, so I might be okay. I could start on June 13th, a perfect start day, Kitchen Dlutzes of America Day. June 14 – National Strawberry Shortcake Day. June 15 – National Lobster Day (I am so there!) June 16 – National Fudge Day (hooray) June 17 – Eat All Your Veggies Day. Oh no, down for the count, but it was a swell run, fun whilel the idea lasted. Now, back to work.


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    Thank you. I am having fun with it. I have a neice giving birth, was supposed to be yesterday. National cherry day, she should be named Cherry. Will probably be born today, National Dry Martini Day. Name her Olive, perfect!

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