Hosting a very talented culinary couple this week!

We are very excited to have Karen and Andrew again visit the Spice House for several receptions this week.  From their website – Described a decade ago as "the brightest young author team on the culinary scene today" (NPR) and subsequently as "culinary historians," "cultural anthropologists" and even "the Jane Goodalls of the chef world" (Food & Wine Radio Network) for chronicling the contemporary food revolution and the advent of today's era of celebrity chefs, Dornenburg and Page have been characterized as "incisive, hip" (Publishers Weekly) writers whose books are "extremely popular among, and indeed essential to, professional chefs" (WOR Radio).

We are big fans of their work, and we don't know when they actually find time to sleep! Their newest book, The Flavor Bible, is an amazing endeavor in what we have always seen as a challenge too overwhelming for anyone to take on. This book serves as a guide to hundreds of ingredients along with the herbs, spices and other seasoning that allow you to put together flavors that are capable of producing the most flavorful results. We believe this book is going to become an indispensable resource book that you will always want to have at your fingertips in the kitchen or wherever you do your creative culinary thinking. (You might want to avoid the book in the shower, however!)

We will prepare some tasty appetizers selections that we believe demonstrate the principles of amazing flavor combinations. Andrew and Karen will honor us with a talk reflecting on how their cookbooks and life's work has evolved and the many top chefs they have gleaned advice from along the way. The EVENTS section of our website,  has details and menu.

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