Congratulations, Dimitri and Naomi!

We at the Spice House would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to newlyweds Dimitri and Naomi Moore. Dimi and Naomi tied the knot on August 25th at Pilsen’s Living Room Lounge, following a seven-month engagement. It is always special to play a part in a story with a happy ending, and we were honored to learn that the Moores remember our store fondly as the place they began their romantic journey together.

Newlyweds Dimitri and Naomi Moore pose in front of the site of their first date, our Old Town store. Photography by Jonathan Zuluaga.

We met Dimitri and Naomi a few weeks back, when they showed up at our Old Town store in full-on wedding garb. If you’ve never been in our store, it can get awful spicy on the sales floor as we are usually hustling to fill orders or help customers with their shopping lists. Things like turmeric and paprika can be tricky enough to wash off our hands, shoes, and jar scoops, so we naturally wondered what on Earth anyone would be doing in our store in a white wedding dress and tuxedo. We probed a bit, not wanting to be too nosey, and found out the most obvious explanation was, in this case, the right one: they were getting married!   They had come to The Spice House, Dimitri explained, in celebration of their wedding and to take photos commemorating their first date, which had happened in 2010 at, of all places, our Old Town store.

Their story really is a nice one, and goes to show that true love can be as much an exercise in persistence as anything. Dimitri and Naomi met in 2008 at a youth leadership conference called ILS (Illinois Leadership Seminar). From there, the road to matrimony wasn’t without detours. Dimitri expressed mild disappointment when he learned that the couple’s first hangout at Penny’s in Wrigleyville wasn’t a “date” in Naomi’s book. Still, over the next 2 years, Dimitri and Naomi continued to spend time with one another, cultivating a lasting and genuine friendship that would ultimately blossom into romance.

Things changed in 2010 when the pair agreed to meet at Piper’s Alley Movie Theatre in Old Town for a viewing of My Name is Khan. When that didn’t work out as planned – the film was dropped and damaged by an employee, so the screening was cancelled – Dimi and Naomi made do by sharing an impromptu dinner at Flat Top Grill followed by a stroll through Old Town, which would be their first real date. That’s where we came into the picture. Along their walk, Dimitri and Naomi made stops at The Fudge Pot, Old Town Oil, and of course The Spice House (no, they weren’t on the Chicago Food Planet Food Tour)! And the rest, as they say, is history. Dimitri proposed to Naomi in January of this year, Naomi accepted, and everything went off without a hitch!

Our Pilsen Latino Seasoning is a favorite of newlyweds Dimitri and Naomi. They recommend trying it on Roasted Salmon. Photography by Jonathan Zuluaga.

We are truly happy for the Moores – true love is something rare and special – and we feel privileged to have been a part of the earliest makings of their story together. We hadn’t any idea when they showed up for their wedding photo-shoot that we played a role in the early phases of their relationship, but we’re sure glad we did!

Of course, this isn’t the first time a lasting romance has had its roots in one of our stores. Our owners, Tom and Patty Erd, are the original Spice House couple (or maybe Patty’s parents, Spice House founders Bill and Ruth Penzey, deserve that title), and we have since seen younger generations of Spice House employees engage and marry. Each time it happens, it is something special and something unique. And, for some reason, it keeps on happening. It must be something in the spices.

So, once again, congratulations to the newest, honorary Spice House couple:  Dimitri and Naomi Moore. Best of luck, you two (although we don’t think you’ll need it)!


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