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We are fortunate to have some very talented chefs as customers. Over the years these have turned into some really nice relationships. We are in awe of the talent these chefs possess. When we dine out, we choose restaurants whose chefs are our customers, and luckily, we have plenty to choose from. Currently, our filtering parameter has become whether the chef focuses on local ingredients and supporting both our local farmers and our local food community. There are many chefs on this list, and I would like to introduce you to the chefs that REALLY get it, over a series of posts. (Obviously if you are an active part of our food community, you don?t need to read this, you can?t help but already be aware of it.) The first chef on our list is Bruce Sherman of North Pond Bruce is currently nominated for the James Beard award ?Best Chef: Great Lakes?.

Bruce gets fresh spices from us nearly every week. He is a fantastic chef, but he is SO much more than that. He takes his role in educating the public about food very seriously, and speaks about this empathically to other chefs, encouraging new chefs to also take to heart this philosophy. Bruce is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of  Chef Collaborative , a ? national network of members promoting sustainable cuisine by celebrating the joys of local, seasonal and artisanal cooking. The organization seeks to support local farmers and economies, preserve diversity and traditional practices, and educate the community about the interconnectedness of the environment and our food choices.?

Bruce also sits on the board of directors for the Green City Market . This  is not merely an advisory board, it is a very active board that requires each of its members to put in enough time to qualify it as a full time job. This is all done with little complaining as it is important work. In the past, we have both served on the board for Slow Food , the Chicago chapter, again a very hard working and dedicated board. In addition to all these jobs, Bruce manages to have a lovely family who lives not far from our Evanston shop. The absolute best newsletter I receive via email is the one from North Pond. Chef Bruce Sherman, our hats are off to you.

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This is a photo of the second course of a lovely luncheon we enjoyed at North Pond recently, which was in memory of Abby Mandel, the founder of the Green City Market. The dish is cold-smoked king salmon mosaic, watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber and herbs, served in an extremely artistic manner.

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