Behind the Seasonings: Brisket of Love

Brisket of Love is one of our best-selling summer barbeque blends. As its name suggests, it is a spice blend truly crafted from the heart, expressing sweet, savory, tangy, and smokey flavors. This amorous seasoning was created by Steve Tobiason, one of the best managers The Spice House has ever known. Steve embodied our ethos of exceptional customer service, passion for food, and quest for knowledge.

Steve crafted Brisket of Love to commemorate his marriage with his wife, Natalie. The couple first met at a Labor Day barbeque where they became acquainted over Texas-style brisket. They hit it off over servings of barbequed brisket and hours of conversation. Soon enough they had fallen in love and married a few years after.

They married on Labor Day, in Tecolutla, Mexico—a place Steve discovered during a Spice House mission to find high quality vanilla beans.

At their wedding celebration in Chicago, guests received Brisket of Love as wedding favors. This blend honored the delicious barbeque that first kindled their romance. Each place setting came with special a jar of this sweet, peppery, and smokey barbeque rub. We all fell in love with this blend and we fell hard. Luckily, Steve kindly shared his recipe with us, along with his touching story. Our customers are enamored with this blend too. Brisket of Love has become a staple for amazing smoked or slow-cooked brisket.

Patty Erd’s parents, Bill and Ruth Ann, started The Spice House in 1957. Bill’s father was introduced to the spice trade in Europe as a boy and brought his knowledge along to America. Spices are a complex trade steeped in history, agriculture, folklore and a love for the exotic and sublime. Patty and her husband Tom have lived the life of modern spice merchants–bringing spices from around the world to your table and home. Patty’s passion for learning, teaching and sharing the joy of culinary spices have made The Spice House what it is today.

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