Grades of Paprika

Paprika Family

The old grading system for paprikas has evolved into a much simpler one. Just 15 years ago, Hungary used 8 different names to classify the heat, color, and flavor of it's famed chiles.

  • Special Quality (Különleges): The mildest and brightest red of all Hungarian paprikas, with excellent aroma.
  • Delicate (Csípősmentes csemege): Ranging from light to dark red, a mild paprika with a rich flavor.
  • Exquisite Delicate (Csemegepaprika): Similar to Delicate, but more pungent.
  • Pungent Exquisite Delicate (Csípős csemege, Pikant): A yet more pungent Delicate.
  • Rose (Rózsa): Pale Red in color with strong aroma and mild pungency..
  • Noble Sweet (Édesnemes): The most commonly exported paprika; bright red and slightly pungent.
  • Half-Sweet (Félédes): A blend of mild and pungent paprikas; medium pungency.
  • Hot (Erős): Light brown in color, this is the hottest of all the paprikas

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