Who is your public relations director?

 Ocassionally we end up on a really nice roll of fun PR. In the current Greek Issue of Saveur magazine, we are recommended in their section called The Pantry, as a resource for our Aleppo pepper. They use it in this really great sounding recipe, roasted lamb with rosemary.  (Saveur's photo at left) We also had a nice mention in Food and Wine magazine this month, we are included in their list of five obsessed spice importers. This is one obsession we are okay with!  NBC Chicago did a piece on our cinnamon last week, running with a trace back the ingredients concept. While tasting one of Bill Kim's fantastic desserts, a Vietnamese Cinnamon caramel ice cream, at Urban Belly, they wanted to source his ingredients.  He very generously led them to our Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon. We can not wait to go and try this, by the way. Interesting how reporters sometimes know more about where are spices are ending up than we do! Last, but not least, we have made some wonderful connections via email correspondance with some really interesting food blog posters. I really want to thank Alice and Jared Zhao, who blog under eataduckimust,  for their sensational blog post about The Spice House, calling us a Chicago Landmark. Your photography is awesome, by the way. So, who does handle the PR?

As small business owners, my husband and I wear many hats. I actually wear the head of PR hat.  I like to pretend to my staff that I am really, really good at this job. (Luckily none of them actually read my blog, so they will not know about this confession!) In reality, we are just SO lucky to have a really high quality product and a pretty unique business. Stories, for the most part, just come to us naturally. In the end, we are not really sure how this relates to actual sales figures, maybe only nominally. The power of spreading the word does not always show up in Google Analytics. Yet to be on the radar of all these great food reporters is a pretty special thing to us. Kind of like when you read those studies that say while employees really like raises, it can be of more importance to them to get pats on the back and a “job well done” from the boss. So, Thanks You to all the writers who help out our small family business with these mentions. It is greatly appreciated. It is not easy for a Mom and Pop business to survive in this day and age, we probably would not without your help. Next exciting lead, Rachel Ray's lifestyle editor recently requested several gift boxes that might be featured in her holiday gift recommendations in an upcoming magazine. We really have our fingers crossed ont this one. Now,  about my raise as the PR director……….


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