When a seed begins to sprout –

New pic disc 10109 038Two summers ago I fell in love with the city of Madison, Wisconsin,  while attending a governor’s conference for Slow Food. While Chicago hosts no shortage of fine farmer’s markets, I was blown away by the Madison farmer’s market, held in a square anchored by the glorious capitol building. One of my twin nieces is attending college there and she has a strong interest in environmental sciences. While we had lunch, I tried my best to coerce her into joining the University of Wisconsin chapter of Slow Food. We had all agreed at the conference meetings that it is extremely important to the future of the Slow Food movement that its vision is embraced by these young students, whose vibrancy and energy will lead to the dedication to continue the cause. At the time I tried to view my suggestions through her eyes, the intellectual college student listing to her aunt, most likely humoring her. I figured that my suggestion probably got lumped into one of those categories of helpful advice like ?If your room was neat and organized, you would not believe how much easier it would be to concentrate on your homework!? So I was delighted to receive an email the following year (a seed takes awhile to sprout) saying she was going to a Slow Food potluck that night.

New pic disc 10109 029Since then, we have had several outings with the family to Madison, which we always plan to coincide with a trip to the Saturday farmer?s market. While picking up my niece, she offered me an unusual snack, made from saltine crackers, melted butter and chocolate chips. ?Michael Pollan says that its okay to eat junk food, provided you MADE it. Michael Pollan ? Yes, I went to see him speak yesterday, and he was AWESOME.?  We planned to see him speak at the market on Saturday, yet she was interested enough of her own volition to attend his lecture the day before. I just was so proud, it is the best feeling when to see a small planted seed come to fruition. So when  you think the next generation is not listening, don?t be fooled, the intelligent ones are! Then we proceeded to the market to buy tomatoes to slow roast and freeze for the winter, corn to blanch and freeze and all sorts of other goodies to ?set aside.? The enjoyment of the bounty of the harvest has to be one of life?s greatest pleasures.

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