The Well Seasoned Burger

Let’s talk about hamburger seasonings as you consider your July 4 grilling plans. Burgers are the perfect vessel for spices. You can go the traditional route with kosher salt and cracked pepper. Or light a few fireworks with some of our more interesting flavors.

Spicy Tip: If salt is needed, then it should be applied shortly before grilling. Salt draws out moisture, so for a juicy burger with a soft texture add the salt right before cooking. Salt-free seasonings can be added far in advance, allowing more time for flavors to develop. Working the seasoning into the meat or adding it to the outside of the patty is a hotly debated topic and is left to your personal whim.

Now for our burger spice suggestions…

Back of the Yards Garlic-Pepper Butcher’s Rub

This is our most popular blend. It is a staple for burgers. Two grinds of pepper and two cuts of garlic make for a full-bodied flavor perfect for beef. Shallots and bell pepper add a subtle flair. Back of the Yards can even be used to flavor your cornbread muffins!



Bicentennial Seasoning

Created in 1976 to honor our nation’s 200th birthday, this blend emulates the style of seasonings that our founding fathers may have used. The flavors of coarse ground black pepper, cracked coriander, and minced orange peel go great with gamey burgers like venison, bison, or elk.



Southwestern Seasoning

For some more gusto on the grill, use our Southwestern Seasoning. If you like a good bowl of chili, then you’ll love this on a burger. The dried chiles in this blend are full of flavor and won’t overpower you with heat. Try topping this burger with avocados, sour cream, and lime juice.



Old Word Central Street Seasoning

Old World Central has over thirty different ingredients, so your burgers will burst with spicy flavor. This blend is a first choice for many Spice House employees. A scoop of creamy coleslaw would be great over some Old World Central spiced burgers! Try out this fan-submitted hamburger recipe



Cajun Seasoning

Black ‘n Blue burgers are a new classic that you’ll find at almost any good burger joint. Cajun seasoning is the blackening spice, and ours is exceptional. Serve these burgers with blue cheese, bacon, and grilled mushrooms. Also available in salt free and extra hot.



Salt & Pepper Basics

For the no frills hamburger purists we have good ‘ol Kosher Salt and fresh Black Pepper. If you have a pepper grinder at home, then you may want to explore a new type of pepper. We have a whole collection of pepper varieties for you to try.  If you don’t have a grinder, no worries, we grind our pepper in small batches so the pepper is as flavorful as possible. Also on the roster for burger basics is our Onion Salt and Garlic Salt. These are simple, effective and flavorful. Another awesome allium seasoning is our Pepper-Shallot blend, which can also be used to make salad dressings too!

Happy grilling!



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