The Old Man and the Lake

By Mike Kutka

Hallelujah, Summer is finally here! I just returned from the cabin up North. I normally go up to the cabin three times in the summer. The first is always the hardest. It entails hooking up all the plumbing, priming the well, plus a number of other tedious chores.

One big chore I accomplished was canoe maintenance. My wife Linda and I acquired a used canoe that was behind a barn for about ten years. I used aluminum polish and a buffer to make the canoe shine like new. Why would I bother with the effort? A smoother canoe has less water resistance which results in less paddling.

While some may tell tall fishing stories, I have amazing true stories. As I remember it, this is what happened last week: As I was fishing in the early morning, I hooked a giant Muskie. To my amazement, it began pulling my canoe all over the lake. I’m sure my canoe polishing efforts made a big difference in helping the canoe glide through the water. At times, the Muskie was pulling so fast I was able to tow a couple of skiers behind my canoe.

Hodag Police Sketch

It did eventually tire and I was able to land it. This Muskie was so big it didn’t fit into the canoe and I had to tie it to the side. Unfortunately, before I could get back to the cabin and immortalize this record Muskie, a Hodag, that legendary creature of Northern Wisconsin, attacked and ate my giant fish as I paddled home.

While I do admire those who practice “catch and release,” I practice “catch and eat.” For those fish that I do manage to get home, I coat them in a seasoned breading and fry them up. Shake them up in a bag and you’re done. Just make enough for the Hodag!

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