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Our Fall Display Table

Fall has always been my favorite season. There are so many wonderful things to appreciate about the fall. I love the colors of autumn, and the way falling leaves paint everything in a seasonal pallet. Fall is the season of corn mazes, hay rides, pumpkin patches and apple picking. My two favorite holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving, are in the fall (three if you count my birthday!). I even enjoy the crisp fall weather, and coming inside to warm up with some hot cider! But perhaps my favorite thing about fall is the food.

Every fall, farmers' markets explode with beautiful, delicious produce. In the Midwest, fall brings apples, pears, Brussels sprouts, kale, sunchokes, cranberries, mushrooms, potatoes, and a tremendous variety of winter squash. My wife and I especially enjoy visiting these markets in Autumn, when we are always overwhelmed by the sheer variety of produce available. Often, there are more than a dozen types of squash at just one stand, and even more apples at another!

The foods of autumn are often rich and indulgent, the kind of food that sticks to your ribs and warms your insides. When the weather starts to cool, it's no longer unbearable to use the oven. Thus, fall brings sweet and savory pies, roast meats and veggies, braised meats, and all of the other satisfying foods I love so well. Fall is also the time of year for hot mulled wine or cider and (my favorite) dark beers.

Of course, Thanksgiving, perhaps the largest feast of the year for many Americans, is also celebrated in the fall. Thanksgiving brings its own slew of traditional recipes. There's the turkey, of coarse, as well as potatoes, green beans, corn, stuffing, pumpkin and apple pie, and much more.

Here at The Spice House, we are gearing up for the fall cooking season. We have spices for apple and pumpkin pie, holiday roasts, mulled cider, and everything you need for your Thanksgiving feast! Don't forget to visit our recipes page for plenty of delicious fall recipes!


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    There’s nothing like the aroma of freshly made “Mulled Cider” filling every room in your home while watching the logs burn in your fireplace.  It far better than any candle you could ever purchase in a store.  Do yourself and your family a favor by making a batch of Hot Spiced Apple Cider this year for your Christmas party.  Here’s the link to get everything you’ll need to make it: 

    Happy Seasonings everyone.

    Chef Clay

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