The French Pastry School

We LOVE The French Pastry School, located here in Chicago. Owned and operated by internationally acclaimed pastry chefs Jacquy Pfeiffer and Sebastian Canonne, this is the finest pa

stry school in the country, perhaps even the world. Over the years, Jacquy has brought some of the world's top master chefs in to tour our spice shop. While I don't speak French, and the chefs often do not speak fluent English, we communicate through the wonderful aromas and tastes of the spices I put under their noises. It makes us so proud that they would want to bring their highly acclaimed friends in to visit our shop. They also bring us goodies!

French pastry school

When we first opened our shop in Chicago, Jacquy and Sebastian came in to meet us. They were looking for sponsors, but we did not have that kind of money, which they understood immediately. We ended up with a very happy medium, we supply them a limited amount of our baking spices, and they tell all of their students about us in depth. Their students are artisan craftsmen and women and they take this venture very seriously. Some of the top pastry chefs in the country come here for refresher classes. We also are able to employ some of their students part time (we make sure school comes first) here at the Spice House. We have never been disappointed in their work. When they come in to pick up their spices, like Pavlov's dogs, we have been trained to salivate. They almost always, very thoughtfully, bring us some delicious treat that their students have made. We LOVE this relationship!


Boxing Day Spice Drive

The Spice House and our generous customers made dinner delicious for Chicago’s food insecure community. We celebrated Boxing Day this past December by holding a spice drive for Lakeview Pantry. Lakeview Pantry delivers 1.4 million meals…

A Visit to Old Town

Working at The Spice House’s helpdesk, I spend each day answering calls, live chats, and emails from customers seeking spice suggestions, future customers tracking down that hard-to-find item, and Spice House fans relaying their experience…

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