The Flavor Bible – Happy One Year Anniversary!

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The folks in this photo are waiting in line at the Milwaukee Public Market to have authors Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg autograph a copy of The Flavor Bible. This was about a  year ago when the book was first out. We were  lucky enough to have this dedicated couple do book signings for us in not just one, but THREE different Spice House locations!

Since we are a spice store, not a book store,  we are extremely selective about which books we carry. We choose only four titles a year, as the books will use up valuable shelf space that is very necessary to showcase our 400 plus spice products in our tiny shops. We  usually swap out books from year to year, yet The Flavor Bible remains on the first string roster. Simply put, this is an AMAZING book. It is a classic reference guide that is a must for any kitchen, from the uninitiated cook to the most seasoned veteran. When I need a thank-you or hostess gifts for chef friends who already possess all things culinary, this is what I bring. All the chefs I have given it to loved it, with the exception of Carrie Nahabedian. I tried to give the book to her before I read it; it ends up that she is one of the experts quoted in the book and naturally she had her own supply of the book!  EVERYONE loves this book. Why does The Flavor Bible earn such high praise and accolades, enough to keep it a hot seller even after a year on the market?

The book gives you an unbelievable insight into flavor pairing, what flavors have the most affinities for each other; how to harmonize the four basic tastes; how to bring up flavors through the use of acids; how to layer specific flavors to create the most synergistic and intense flavor, and how to create a yin and yang like experience in both your cooking, and yourself. Many top culinary experts share their opinions and advice, which is very fun to read.

Our customers over the years have persisted in wanting some sort of comprehensive listing of what pairs with what, obviously it is the spices that are asking us specifically about. We have always told them that no one could possibly do such a project, the depth of it would just be overwhelming – impossible, in fact. Page and Dornenburg have proved us wrong! Through a tremendous amount of work and perseverance, over eight years of time, they pulled it together with great aplomb. It would be foolish not to benefit from the fruits of their labor. This book is timeless, because it is a classic. There is no need to replace it as one of our four Spice House book selections  with a more current culinary topic of interest, which will soon date itself. (Although we are enjoying some of the science fiction-like  molecular gastronomy stuff, but that is another side road, stay tuned!)  Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, thank you, your book is a match made in heaven for all of our spice flavor pairings inquiries. We will continue to carry, and sell, this marvelous book. We hope you visit Chicago again soon.

PS – The book COVER is a thing of beauty, be sure and take a peak under the jacket!

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