Taking a Dip

I don’t diet. I have always been one of those envied, lucky ducks who didn’t have to. I had my metabolism, and it had me to test its limits. Time is slowly changing this arrangement, and I needed to find some simple ways to eat healthier. If I switch my eating habits, the flavor still has to be there or I’ll never stick with it. Spiced Yogurt Dip to the rescue!

I have never been more excited to buy bunches of celery at the grocery store before. Better yet, with all the flavor combinations available at the Spice House, I knew I wouldn’t get sick of it anytime soon.

I took a walk around our store in search of ideas and I was not disappointed.

We already have several blends and recipes on our website especially for dips, such as the Dill Dip, or a Milwaukee Spice House favorite – Old Cedarburg (aka Ukrainian Village) with a touch of ground chipotle chiles. But I needed more options, so I got to work and began making one or two dips per day – leaving them out on the break table with a bowl of celery.

I found quickly that one of our new blends, Everyone’s Everything Bagel  worked beautifully with its bold chopped garlic and onion flavor mixed with a hearty blend of seeds. Next I tried Downer Avenue (aka Rocky Mountain) another great choice with a ton of green bell pepper flavor all the way through and some Dutch blue poppy seeds added for texture.

I then moved to some obvious choices to pair with yogurt that I had been holding out on, our Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern blends- specifically, Tandoori, Moroccan, Berbere, and Baharat. All of them worked beautifully as a vegetable or chip dip seasoning. I couldn’t stop picturing the cool, but spicy dips drizzled over grilled lamb kabobs, gyro/ground meat, or a homemade pita sandwich with falafel.

My general rule of thumb is to start with a half-cup of yogurt and 2 teaspoons of whatever spice I chose to experiment with. Stir well and let sit for a few minutes before adjusting to taste. Below I’ll list everything I tried and liked so you can try them yourself.

All these fresh fruits and veggies have been subbed in for my usual pizza by the slice. I’m also feeling better than ever. Imagine that! I am continually amazed by all of the recipes people tell me about in the store that they’ve developed using our spices. So if you have a sour cream or yogurt dip you like to make with our products, please let us know so I can keep up my healthy eating.

Before you get all mixed up, here’s a couple pro-tips:

Try mixing in a teaspoon of arrowroot powder to avoid your yogurt dip separating while sitting out.

Adding our freeze dried chives, scallions, or crushed shallots will give your dip a welcome punch of bright onion flavor.

Here is my growing list of blends that are bound for dip deliciousness:

Everything Bagel 

Customers kept asking us for a bagel blend, so we answered! This blend was an immediate staff favorite and is almost good enough to eat on its own.

Rocky Mountain

The sweetness of the shallots and sharp bell pepper marry for a delicious flavor. This blend was created as a salad shake, making it a double dietary threat. Take that metabolism!

Ukrainian Village 

This blend is both flavorful and colorful; it’s full of bell peppers, garlic and onion. Pride in our personal heritage was the inspiration for this seasoning. Remember to add some chipotle!

Dill Dip

Do I even need to say anything? Slice up a cucumber, and you will have a delicious, reverse-engineered pickle…Sort of. The Spice House did all the work so you’d never have to go store-bought again.


This one is goes great with yogurt, look for the yogurt varieties carried at middle eastern grocery stores. As I said before, it also makes a great sauce for grilled, spiced meats.


This aromatic and spicy Berbere seasoning brings the exotic taste of Eritrea and Ethiopia to your kitchen, and now your dips! This is another seasoning that’s ideal for yogurt, add salt to taste.


Baharat means spices in Arabic, and this premium blend has a complex balance of spicy flavors. Savory and slightly sweet, with a lingering heat. Add salt to taste.

Sweet Yellow Curry 

Creamy curry dip, what else do you need? Sweet Curry Powder is by far the most popular of our curries; it will give you a wide range of flavors without too much heat.

Chip Dip

This is an obvious choice for dips. You could also use this seasoning to make an amplified garden vegetable cream cheese for bagels.                Wait, wasn’t I dieting?…


The marinade for Tandoori chicken specifically calls for yogurt, so the traditional marinade makes a great dip too. This is perfect for the impatient cook who wants to snack while prepping.

Lake Shore Drive

This is easily one of most delicious allium-based blends. The sour cream and onion flavor is strong with this seasoning. Save some dip to put over a baked potato!

Old Taylor Street

Romano cheese, Italian herbs, garlic make a terrific dip. One of our most popular neighborhood blends, Taylor Street also makes the best garlic bread we know of…wait, there I go again!

Fines Herbs 

Light and mighty, this herb blend adds an element of French finesse to your dip game. You get really gourmet with some French sea salt too.


Dave Laack is a blender at the Spice House. He has worked for the company since 2011. Dave is no longer a full time employee, but loves coming back to help out and to see his spice family. In his summer free time you may see him biking around Milwaukee somewhere between beer gardens. Winter is for books and goulash, of course.


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