Spicy Teacher Gifts

My mom is a second grade teacher. My dad works at the Spice House. So we give gifts to our teachers and those gifts have to be spices. My sister, Lucy, and I designed these boxes with the experts at the Spice House. We think your teachers will love these spices as much as our teachers do.

To make it extra easy for you, we asked the Spice House crew to sell all four boxes for $50. This is a $10 discount and it includes free shipping!

Hibiscus & Lavender 

Lavender buds and hibiscus flowers make this a beautifully scented box for Katrina, my 5th grade teacher. Katrina has a “comfy corner” in her classroom. This taught me the importance of peace and quiet. The aromas of hibiscus and lavender are soothing and calming, making this the perfect gift for Katrina as she relaxes this summer with lavender infused desserts and hibiscus tea.

Grilling Essentials 

Donald is the 4th grade math teacher who pops in and out of many classrooms, including Lucy’s 3rd grade class. Donald gets stuff done all over school and spends extra time making sure everything is under control. A guy like this needs the best grilling spices. That is why Lucy selected Back of the Yards garlic pepper rub and Lake Shore Drive seasoning for Donald.

Black Salt, White Pepper 

Does pepper have to be black? Does salt have to be white? These are the kinds of questions Annie B. asked us all year. Annie B. is the faculty member of our Be The Change Committee, where we work on social justice projects. Annie B. inspires me to stand up for myself and others in our community. Annie B. will appreciate how this box challenges our stereotypes about color.

Cha Cha Bagel 

Okay, this box is just fun. Lucy made it for Maleeha, her 3rd grade teacher. What do you get for a cool teacher who already has two parakeets? Lucy puts Cha Cha Chile on everything — including grapefruit. She knows Maleeha will appreciate the zesty spiciness. You can put Everything Bagel on everything. Maleeha will have fun doing that all summer long.

Please join Lucy and me in thanking the teachers who inspire us and millions of other kids to learn, and grow, and lead. We encourage you to appreciate your teachers with spices or some other form of love.

Thanks to all our teachers!



Rising 6th Grader & Spice Merchant

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    You girls rock! Thanks for such an inspired and inspirational project. I will share this with some teachers and kids I know in Vermont who I suspect will be interested. Congrats on your exciting venture!

    What an interesting blog Anna. You are truly amazing. Looks like you and Lucy are doing an impressive job of being spice merchants.

    What a neat way to thank your teachers by selecting special spices that match something you have learned about their style or interests. You have really been paying attention this school year!

    So my sister is a teacher who also lives to cook. Buying all four. Have to figure out which to give & which to keep!

    What a bright concept, using kids to design gift box contents! I don’t have school teachers any more but I think I will look for some other spices for gifts.

    What a great idea for teachers! My three closest friends are teachers, and from all they’ve told me about their favorite and not-so-favorite gifts that they’ve received over the years, these boxes would be so incredibly appreciated!

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