Spice up your Life with our friends at Mayflower Tours

If we can name one positive outcome of this economy, it is that our friends and neighbors are working harder than ever to connect with each other and figure out ways to work in tandem. Past scenarios where independent businesses would not have dreamed of partnering with other companies (as sometimes that involves the dreaded ?compromise?!) are being seriously rethought. We are very excited to be involved in several such cross marketing ventures.

The first one of these is a  travel company, Mayflower Tours. Much like our shop, the company is independently owned by a married couple who started back in 1979. They are a world-wide tour operator of deluxe escorted tours to United States,Canada, South and Central America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand. Mayflower Tours views itself as good stewards and encourages staff and travelers to act responsibly with respect to the environment and diverse cultures. Known for excellent service including a dedicated staff, professional Tour Managers, deluxe transportation, unique dining experiences, select accommodations, sightseeing and muMFT logo (2)ch more. All tours are available with air from your home city, or with free home or local pick up in key areas of Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan.

Mayflower Tours theme this year was Spice up your Life, so naturally, we came to mind. We donated a little gift for each of their customers attending their Friendship Days annual show. Also, if you spend $20 at The Spice House, you receive $20 off a vacation booking. There are 36 shows in the Midwest where you can attend the presentation while enjoying refreshments, you only need make a reservation at 1 800 323 7604 ext. 202.

A Visit to Old Town

Working at The Spice House’s helpdesk, I spend each day answering calls, live chats, and emails from customers seeking spice suggestions, future customers tracking down that hard-to-find item, and Spice House fans relaying their experience…

Spice Boss’ Top Three

People always ask about my top blends and seasonings. For me, Bronzeville Rib Rub is number one. My father-in-law created this seasoning at the original spice shop, located at 33rd Street and Galena in Milwaukee….

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