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Thanksiving 08 thru 2.1.09 254Reading the title of this blog, I imagine many of you assume I am referring to a restaurant, a food or wine shop, possibly a museum. Not at all, although we do enjoy these too.
It is probably in the nature of the beast that all foodies really enjoy their relationship to not only food,  but also to food communities and the fellow food lovers that populate them. I belong to several of these organizations, however this one is not a club, anyone can join in. I refer to Chicago?s Green City Market. How can Chicago have a farmer?s market in the dead of winter, you lucky warm population inhabitants wonder?

The market is very fortunate to have a wonderful host, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Musuem, for the twice monthly winter markets. Each month there is a theme. Pictured here is the 2009 opening event, called Snout to Tail, which showcased Green City Market Pork. Many of our city?s dedicated chefs work tirelessly to give this market the both the business and the attention it deserves. On this day the market offered delicious pork tastings from Rick Bayless, Frontera Grill & Topolobampo, Troy Graves, Tallullah & Eve, Paul Kahn, Blackbird, Mark Mendez, Carnivale, Chris Pandel, The Bristol, Sarah Stegner & George Bumbaris, Prairie Grass Caf?, Paul Virant, Vie and Gary Wiviott, Barbecue Lifestyle Coach. This event was free to the public and VERY well attended. There will be similar events coming up, while pork month is behind us, February is Meat and Potatoes month, March is Artisanal Cheese month, and April is Bacon and Eggs month (back to pork already, hooray!) Keep checking the Green City Market Website to be on top of these events before they sell out! And be sure and support the farmers while you are there, you would be surprised how rewarding it is to establish friendships with these stewards of the earth.



Gary Wiviott's and his delicious pulled pork sandwiches.  These are
cooked with a barbecue seasoning of his own creation. He has it custom

blended per his specifications from a really great local spice company!


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