Our chef friends on the radio. Turn it up, turn it up, little bit higher, radio.

Gale Gand at WGNTom and I always argue about advertising. Mostly because it costs A LOT. I would argue that in these tough times we need to hang onto our money. He would counter that sometimes you have to spend money in order to make money. At least he had a clever idea to run with this time. We asked a few of our chef friends if they would be kind enough to come on and talk about why they like to buy ingredients for their top notch culinary creations at The Spice House. We waited anxiously for their  replies, feeling like the boy who knows he about to be turned down for prom! We were so happy when they actually said yes. Here Gale Gand and Tom look over their material.

We now have five really great commercials airing on WGN featuring Gale Gand of Tru Restaurant, Jeremy Lyco n, of Niche Restaurant which is just down the block from our newest shop in Geneva, Carrie Nahabedian of  Naha Restaurant , the Breakfast Queen, Ina Pinkney of Ina's ,   and Jacquy Pfeiffer of  The French Pastry School. And they all said such very nice things about The Spice House. We can't thank them enough. The economy might be awfully depressing, but we have seen our friends in business band together like never before.  We hope we can all survive better by helping each other out. Thank you chefs. And thank you to all of the other chefs who buy spices from The Spice House.

Here are some air times, Wed, Feb 25th 7:03 and 8:49am, Thursday, Feb 26th, 1:20 and 10:43 am, Friday Feb 27th, 11:11am, Saturday Feb 28th, 3:58 and 8:03 am and Sunday, March 1st at 2:58, 7:49, 11:44am and 8:49 pm. If you should hear any of these please let us know in the shop, so Tom can win his advertising arguement!


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