Ode to Spice

The Spice House is all about providing the flavor foundation and inspiration for your cooking. Sometimes that inspiration becomes poetic. It all started with this order from Jack in Madison:

Sweet Basil

This aromatic dried sweet basil herb is delicious in Italian and French cooking especially in combination with tomatoes and garlic.

Chesapeake Bay Seasoning

Based on the classic seafood seasoning mix of the Chesapeake region, this tangy blend is ideal for Maryland blue crabs and other seafood.

English Prime Rib Rub

This is a delicious seasoning to crust prime rib, hamburgers and pork roast. This is the Spice House version of Beau Monde Seasoning, a popular onion and celery blend.

French Thyme

With a softer leaf and sweeter flavor than our Mediterranean thyme, this product comes highly recommended by Spice House staff.

Wauwatosa Village Seasoning

Wauwatosa Village seasoning is the namesake seasoning of our founders’ hometown in Wisconsin. Celery is the main ingredient.

We were on our way to pack this order when Jack followed up with a sonnet sent to spices@thespicehouse.com:

A Sonnet For My Spice House Friends
By Jack in Madison

It’s no matter what anyone might say
or how intolerable their snippin’,
the fact of the matter is there’s no way
better to express love in a kitchen

than to bring with you the aroma of
spices, alluring, from both near and far;
complexities like the Brisket of Love
or simple, as French Thyme in a glass jar.

But those evocative spices you need
to greet those you love with savory smells;
whether Garlic Powder or Mustard Seed,
fill your spice cabinet until it swells!

A meal lovingly cooked will stand the test
and like Love remain in your heart the best.

We replied in kind with a haiku and some free verse composed by Liz in our Evanston store:

A Haiku for you
Your kind words bring us great joy
That we now can spread

From the heart you have spoken;
From thine to mine, and our hearts they soar.
A sonnet I cannot hope to achieve,
But free verse, I pray, will set free
The great weight of gratitude that,
Amidst the bustling Thyme, provides a reprieve
So nice I can’t help but spill into rhyme.
A Bouquet of Garni cannot begin to convey
The Star of Anise that now shines so bright,
Bringing light to our days and a peace to our night.
No Fleur de Sel, nor Hibiscus, nor Lavender or Rose (Water),
Nor any bloom that would smell as sweet
Could perfume the air with fragrances as neat
As that of any meal made with love- such a treat.
For Parsley, Save, Rosemary and Thyme,
Frankincense and Myrrh, each worth more than a dime,
Together create a cacophony of smells
So divine it would sound off the local church bells.

Thank you, Jack and Liz for reminding us of the goodness that lives in our spice racks and in the human heart.


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