Introducing my husband, Spice Boss!

Owner Tom Erd, aka Spice Boss

Please allow me to introduce Tom Erd, Spice Boss. My husband and I have owned The Spice House for 20 years. For many years prior to that we both worked there, for my parents, who founded our business in 1957. It is a long, long time to be doing the same thing, but hopefully we have gotten pretty good at it over all the years. We sometimes find we need to challenge ourselves with things a little outside of our everyday spice box, in order to keep our creativity flowing. Interesting propositions come our way all the time, mostly because we are a very approachable small Mom and Pop business. We have not figured out the rhyme or reason behind why on some days these just get shot down, and other days the ideas take on a life of their own. My scientific guess would be it just depends on which side of the bed we got up.  When Tom started mulling over the idea of doing You Tube videos as Spice Man, I thought it was a passing fancy. Yet after several days of some pretty clever and funny concepts morphed into several weeks of ideas, I realized this was probably an egg that was actually going to get hatched! So why not jump in with both feet? Our webteam, Table XI was fully in support, and away we went. Unfortunately, the name Spiceman was taken, as well as just about every other name we wanted to use, Spice Guy, Captain Spice, Spice Magistrate, Spice Guru you name it. So Spice Boss was born, and even then we had to make our You Tube channel, Chicagospiceboss to possess our own unique name.

While this is all a great deal of fun, and I fully support my husband doing something he finds fun, what I did not realize was that this Spice Boss entity would take on a life of its own. Now in addition to all the other hats I wear, I apparently have to be the manager for Spice Boss. AND in addition to having a partner who is often the boss, a husband that is often the boss, I now have ANOTHER boss in the form of his alter ego Spice Boss. Three bosses in the form of one person may just be too many bosses! And what if he runs off with a Spice Boss groupie? But,  seriously, Spice Boss would love to know what you want to learn more about in the world of spices. Send your spicy ideas, spicy comments, spicy questions,  or spicy anecdotes to Who knows, maybe you will see them answered in a video.


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