I May Be a Jerk

By Mike Kutka

I have a great love for Jerk Chicken. Whenever my eyes find that most wonderful line a menu could have, “Jerk Chicken,” I get all excited. My mouth starts watering and I grab a napkin to catch the drool.

Could I be a jerk for being so obsessed?

Unfortunately, what most restaurants consider Jerk Chicken, I consider a bland shadow of the real thing. Granted, my hometown of Milwaukee is not exactly a hotbed of Caribbean cooking but I can’t help thinking that with the internet and a little research any competent chef could do way better than what I’ve experienced.

Could I be a jerk for being too judgmental?

I believe part of the problem is the inane attempt to make a Jerk Chicken for everyone. Let’s get real. There is no cuisine that everyone likes. Any attempts to make a Jerk Chicken that everyone likes has only resulted in making plain chicken. Why must those of us who love Jerk Chicken suffer mediocrity in miserably failed attempts to make family friendly recipes?

Am I a jerk for being selfish?

Thankfully, there is a way to enjoy a great Jerk Chicken on your own. We here at the Spice House have a great blend for authentic Jerk Chicken. The basics of the blend came from a native to Jamaica. That followed with weeks of tweaking and testing the recipe with grilling every Saturday. The best testimonial for this original spice blend came from a native Jamaican attending school in the US. He told us it was so authentic it made him homesick. The marinade recipe for Jerk Chicken is on every label. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to make Jerk Chicken.

Am I a jerk for being kind of lazy?

However, I have developed an alternative recipe for enjoying that great jerk flavor. As much as I love Jerk Chicken, I find myself using this recipe more often because it is so easy. I came up with it on one of my less lazy days. My brainchild is Jerk Pulled Pork. It’s a crock-pot recipe, so it’s a nice way to cook without heating up your kitchen in the summer months. I’ve included the recipe and some thoughts about getting the best results.

See? I’m not always a jerk!


This is an incredibly simple recipe. It’s also a recipe that handles modifications easily. So be creative. Just put some pork in your crock-pot. It can be a roast with or without bone, ribs, chops or tenderloin.




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