Green City Market Chefs' Annual Barbecue Festival 2009

Gcm chef breakfast 002 Even though the trees are just beginning to show glimpses of green, plans have long been underway for one of our favorite events of the year, the annual Green City Market Chefs’ Barbecue Picnic. This year the event will be held on July 16th, so be sure and save the date. I don’t imagine that most of the public has any idea what goes into putting an event of this magnitude together. Luckily, two of our favorite chef people, Carrie Nahabedian and Sarah Stegner, start the ball rolling by enlisting all of their high end chef colleagues. We have quite the line up already, with almost 50 super chefs on board! Next Carrie and Michael Nahabedian generously host all these chefs to a lovely brunch at NAHA. I feel so honored to be able to join this group of dynamic culinary people. What a treat.

It is hard to explain that this whole event is not just about a bunch of chefs showing off their culinary skills. All sorts of really important issues are brought up at this meeting. The vast majority of these chefs support the market all year round by purchasing product here and showcasing it on their menu. They are very cognizant of their role in taking the lead on important food issues, and their responsibility to educate the public. Many of them are active participants in parallel organizations, such as Slow Food or Chefs? Collaborative, and seek to serve the common  goals together. What to serve at the picnic was discussed, what local sustainable seafood was available, how to support the market farmers without wiping out their months supply, by using varied products. How we should endeavor to support the heritage and heirloom products, figure out where to source them, how to make them taste good, and again, going one step further, educate the public. So when you enjoy this picnic, you may not even know how much thought is put into the whole deal. The food is thought though from, literally, the roots to your plate. Even the plates and eating utensils are sourced to be biodegradable.  Our list of chefs will be posted soon, please check back to the event section of our website.

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