Gale Gand hosts book signing at The Spice House

April 2009 005

We were delighted to host Gale Gand for a book signing and recipe tasting for her new book, Gale Gands?s Brunches, this past Thursday. Our little shops host a number of cookbook authors throughout the year, and we always feel very fortunate to be considered as an author location. We try very hard to make our signings special events.

We do this by cooking recipes from the authors? books, and then serving samplings accompanied by wine. We do at least five dishes. Most authors do not have many signings that are actual parties such as this and we surmise (hope) that they spread the work back to their publishers about what a great place our shop is to have a book signing. We think as this word spread, our endeavors got us on the culinary author book signing circuit! Our customers really enjoy these free events. Also, the majority of our staff are culinary student graduates who have found their way to us because they wanted to do something still in the food business, but with, perhaps, more regular hours than the restaurant industry. Their first love is the kitchen, and these events let them show off their skills. I sometimes fear a chef author will offer them a job that will steal them away from us, yet it is less painful when someone leaves you in pursuit of a dream. So all and all, these events are just terrific all the way around. Gale was delightful, we really enjoyed her company. And by the way, her cinnamon-apple French toast was really delicious! Thank you Gale Gand.

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