Crisp Air and Warm Apple Pie

Here in Milwaukee, we have said farewell to the end of summer festivities and are now feeling the onset of that crisp and cozy time of Autumn – a welcome relief from the heat and humidity of the last few months. Prime time for root vegetables, buttery pastries, and my personal favorite – warm spices. I live for cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger, and will feel no shame in adding them to everything I eat, savory and sweet.

One spice blend that contains many of those flavors and more is our delicious Apple Pie Spice, which I have been eyeing up since I started working at The Spice House. I was originally planning to use it for Apple Pie “Overnight Oatmeal”, and just whip up a quick apple pie filling from scratch using our spice blend. I began looking for a way to lighten up the traditional filling, trying to eat a bit healthier, but all hope for my waistline was lost when I came across a picture of a full pie with a dark honey-colored sauce on top.

This recipe is less finicky then I thought it would be, and was definitely worth the work anyway. Instead of easing into indulgent Fall desserts, why not dive headfirst? Treat yourself, you deserve it. 


A bit of a newbie, Sierra Falkowski has only worked at The Spice House for a few months. While she has always had a passion for food and cooking, working here has kindled a fierce desire to be creative and take on new culinary challenges.


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