Chicago, City of 10,000 Potholes

Los Angeles, city of the angels. Chicago, city of 10,000 pot holes. Has the same lovely cadence, but diametrically opposing images! We recently received an email from our alderman requesting our patience with pot hole repair, as the city has 10,000

pot holes which requires some time to fill in. I started thinking about this, and it seemed to me that number was, in actuality, a VERY positive spin on the number of pot holes. Indeed, upon investigating, an article in the Chicago Tribune states that the city has fixed 280,000 pot holes since December. This apparently is about 50 million dollars worth of repair. In a brilliant marketing strategy, Kentucky Fried Chicken offered to fill in these pot holes with only one slight catch…..

S-KFC-large The fried chicken franchise would fill in the pot holes if they could stamp their logo on these same holes. How brilliant is that? Suddenly you have a smooth ride home and you can?t figure out why you keep ending up at Kentucy fried chicken to pick up dinner once a week!

The other thing I would like to see is the Garmin GPS come out with Garmin – Chicago Pot Hole edition. Locate the route to your destination with the least amount of pot holes. (Or maybe you should just stay home today.) Could also give you fun facts about your route. If we filled each pot hole on your way to work with water, the volume of water would fill a sink…a bathtub….a swimming pool…..Lake Michigan. BUT WAIT, THERE?S MORE. Buy the Garmin Chicago Pot Hole edition, right now, and you will get, at no extra charge – you guessed it- a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken!

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    Recently USA Today did an article on all roads in the US and named certain states and areas that were bad. When they got to Michigan, they just said “all of them”. and they are spot on.

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