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Mexico with Mom and Kate 184Being a small business owner, for us, means you are intimately connected with your business, you live and breath it. Add a spouse business partner, and you are really fully submerged. When you go on vacation, it seems crucial to take the laptop so as not to be out of the daily orb of activities. We connect with many special people in the food business, but these communications often come via email out of the blue. I am going to be in town for a food network show, and I am trying to get them to use your store for a location shoot, are you available next Thursday?? So we always have this debate about taking the laptop, after all it is supposed to be a vacation, which should translate as leaving work behind.

Jamaica 128
This particular trip, Tom did not want to leave our shops behind for ten days. Obviously he is the more responsible parent! I flew to Montego Bay on Monday, he came down on Friday for six days. So we elected to leave the laptop behind. The very first day, I purchased an hour of internet time for $10. I NEVER used it. The more the days wore on, the less it seemed to matter. After awhile I was able to pass the internet lounge without even feeling guilty! It was a blissful ten days, I highly recommend Jamaica to anyone looking to recharge their batteries. My blood pressure on the first day back is the lowest it has been in a very long time. It is lovely to relax in the manner of simpler times, reading a book, walking on the beach, playing chess, or watching the sunset, these are really far nicer than hours spent in front of the computer. Note to self, please reread when debating the next vacation. I am now about to go into my office, where my head will spin with all the things I need to attend to. I will experience the anxiety that accompanies that, which tends to have you thinking that this is the reason you should NOT ever take a vacation again. But for this brief moment, don?t worry, be happy, every little tings gonna be alright! The photo here is the chef?s special of the day, surf and turf, at the White Witch golf course. So, yes, I did have my digital camera, it is dangerous to go cold turkey from technology!

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