Bagel Monday

When you see a bunch of brown bananas do you smile and think of banana bread? Does leftover roast chicken find resurrection in your stock pot?

When it came time to sweep out the oven at the Howard Beach Bakery in 1980s New York, a young David Gussin didn’t throw out that hodgepodge of seeds left behind by so many batches of bagels. In those seedy sweepings, Mr. Gussin saw everything and the world’s most iconic bagel was born.

Everybody has an “everything” bagel blend, but not all everythings are created equal. Those bold bits of chopped garlic and onion in our Everything Bagel blend are California grown. Full-flavored Dutch blue poppy and the classic nuttiness of white sesame seeds are intensified with every crunch of coarse French sea salt. All of that flavor and texture with only 190mg of sodium per serving.

We use untoasted ingredients in our Everyone’s Everything Bagel blend so those delicious bits won’t burn as you bake your bagels or breads. I’m not much of a baker so I toast my Everything Bagel in a dry skillet just until the sesame starts to brown to create that roasted goodness, just like an everything bagel straight from the oven.

I love perfectly creamy hummus as much as the next dip fanatic but replace your sprinkle of sumac with some Everything Bagel and swap your pita for bagel chips. Your guests won’t know what hit ‘em.

The farmer’s markets in Chicago are starting to pop up again, so salads are back in heavy rotation at our house. When the produce is top notch there’s no need to fuss, just a quick vinaigrette and a couple shakes of Everything Bagel. Life is good.

Are you tired of bacon on everything? How about some Everything Bagel on bacon? Sprinkle it on and bake or microwave to keep those strips flat. Your BLT will go down in history.

Eggs. You see where I’m going with this?



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    Much more seasoning than salt compared to Trader Joe’s version. Great on Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian foods. As a low sodium user it enables me to get all the flavor of an Everything Bagel without all the salt.

    We lovethe everything bagel seasoning Last night we had it on corn on the cob. Other time garlic bread. It,s good on almost anything.

    Good idea -but is useing everything bagel safe for a gluten fee diet (celiac )?. Also can you recommend any wheat free breads or bagels?
    I love your spices! Are any of your spices gluten free? From a recently diagnosed
    Celiac patient. Please advise

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