Throughout our 55 year existence as a company, The Spice House has been offered a role in a variety of ventures. An upscale gourmet shop is looking for a spice vendor, for example. For the most part, we are not really all that interested in putting our products in other people's shops, as we are sticklers for making sure the products we offer are of the highest quality and freshness. We know how many customers we have shopping with us in our stores, and how fast a product moves in and out. Products that don't have enough of a market to keep them revolving from our grinding/blending room into you home cooking quickly enough get discontinued from our product line. However, when people discuss their projects with us,  the line something to the tune of “we want only the highest quality spice vendor, and you are it” seems to hook us every time! This is how we ended up as a vendor at Artizone.The concept is actually pretty cool, and if you live in the Chicago area you should check it out. The virtual online store features the only the highest quality local purveyors. So Hagen's Fish Market is the fish guy, Gepperth's is the local butcher, our friend Giles Schnierle at The American Cheese Collection has the most wonderful assortment of cheeses in the whole Midwest, Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter makes croissants you will dream about – you get the idea. Most of the stores do not offer their products online, as they are not shelf stable. You can shop by store, by department, or by recipe. Even though these stores are all over the city, an Artizone truck drives to every store you ordered from and puts your entire order together, bringing it to your home for a delivery charge of a mere $5.95. Unlike other grocery delivery services, you are getting only the highest quality product from vendors with  well earned and time tested  reputations.

Atizone picks up spices from our Wells Street store, sealed with our logo sticker, and delivers them throughout Chicago.

This past weekend, Josh Harrison, a jack of all trades for Artizone was on ABC television talking up spice rubs. As you can probably guess, he was using a few of our favorites. Watch this video to see what he chooses. His own rub recipes are listed here as well if you feel like doing a little tinkering yourself. And STAY TUNED for some actual grilling footage on a You Tube video later this week featuring our very own Spice Boss Tom Erd!


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