Amsterdam-Inspired Truffle Fries

On a recent trip to Amsterdam, I had the experience of tasting a splendid variety of global treats, all in the course of strolling around this amazing, canal-lined city. From pannokoken (a native Dutch breakfast delight) to bakabana (a Surinamese street food delicacy of fried plantains), I had no shortage of options for delicious fare.

The Belgian frites topped my list of the trip’s best bites – so, of course, I had to master them back home in my own kitchen!  Properly executed frites require a three-step process: they’re fried, dried, and then lovingly fried again. Served in a paper cone with mayo and ketchup, these babies are an addictive riot of textures – soft and fluffy inside, surrounded by a crunchy, golden crust, dipped in luxuriously flavorful sauces.

Here at the Spice House, we have developed our own twist on the most sublime sauce to serve with Belgian frites.

Lonnie Romero is Culinary Director at the Spice House. He has worked for the company since 2007. He loves hosting and cooking for Spice House events. You can find Lonnie at the Old Town location when he’s not out meeting with local chefs or busy creating and co-creating wonderful new blends and recipes. 

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