The Spice House and Alton Brown

ab-spicehouse-2Here at The Spice House, we’re proud to work with many wonderful chefs, both celebrities and unknown culinary talents. We’re especially proud of our work with Alton Brown. We first met him when he filmed part of the Fruitcake episode of Good Eats in our shop in 1999 – we still love watching that episode every Christmas!

Tom and Patty were recently invited to discuss spices with Alton on his podcast, The Alton Browncast. You can listen to the whole podcast at Nerdist. Highlights include the different types of cinnamon and paprika, Alton Brown’s favorite underused spices, and why vanilla gets no justice.

We also make three special custom blends designed by Alton Brown – Fruit Transformation Powder, Passport Powder #7, and Mythic Meat Powder #5. These blends are available only through Alton Brown’s OpenSky page.

5 thoughts on “The Spice House and Alton Brown

  1. Thanks for the info on where to buy Alton’s spices. I got the 1 of the last 3 boxes for sale. I do buy your spices from your Wisc. store. I plan to make it to your geneva location this
    Sunday. Love what you too. Kathy

  2. I love the Good Eats fruitcake episode. That episode led me to the Spice House. After trying your exquisite spices; my kitchen has never been the same. Thank you for providing such fresh and wonderful products.

  3. Excellent, I’m glad you’re enjoying the spices! I always feel fruitcake deserves a better reputation.

  4. I saw an advertisement for your store on a “Laura in the Kitchen” video tonight, so I set out to find you. You have 520 subscribers to your Youtube Channel waiting for another informative video.

  5. I’m glad you’re enjoying them – I’ll pass along to The Spice Boss that he’s in demand!

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