Molecular Techniques, Spherification

Vanilla Caviar

The ultimate ice cream topping for vanilla lovers.

Food trends come and go, that which was hot one year will eventually fizzle. These trendy food preparations that wow diners of the worlds finest restaurants quickly become caricatures of modern cuisine. One chef creates an influential cooking technique, food writers swoon, other chefs begin to replicate the recipe, and before long there isn't a restaurant in town who has such a trend absent from their menu. The whole process becomes boring to diners as the market is flooded with shoddy reproductions of what might have started as a noteworthy original idea. Although, there is redemption for food trends that fall to the wayside, as that original technique finally becomes accessible to the home chef. Popular restaurant trends of yesteryear become fun home cooking fodder as complicated and expensive cooking techniques slowly find their way into cookbooks and grocery stores. One such trend of recent turnaround are the indubitably confusticated techniques of “Molecular Gastronomy”, specifically the once buzz worthy spherification. Spherification can now be a fun and inexpensive technique to impress guests at home, as what was once haut cuisine can now be constructive in the everyday kitchen. Here I'll provide some helpful hints on spherification with a easy recipe for sweet vanilla spheres, the perfect ice cream topping for the vanilla obsessed.  Continue reading